Mark Orthopedics Ltd. is a Ministry of Health certifiedorthothist technician who has 30 years experience as an advanced orthopedic technician. Mark Orthopedics has an international reputation as a result of developing a unique technique that has a 90% success rate in healing ulcers, sores as well as preventing foot amputations.
The unique development, which lays the groundwork that facilitates the healing of ulcers, deformations (particularly severe deformities), is particularly suitable for diabetics, vascular patients and neuropathy patients, who develop pressure sores and ulcers that end in varying degrees of amputations. In addition, specializes in the construction of shoes modified with innovative techniques.
Licensed manufacturer and supplier of shoes and foot supports based on size of cast for various bodies:
• Ministry of Health
• Lewis Institute  
• Ministry of Defense / Rehabilitation and Work Accident Division
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Welfare
• National Insurance
Mark Orthopedics uses the finest raw material that involves the most advanced technology and various innovative techniques that are custom tailored to meet every medical condition. Treatment is carried out by Mark himself, who provides warm personal assistance, and includes treatment of particularly difficult cases in rehabilitation hospitals and institutions.
Foot Support
Mark Orthopedics manufactures foot supports based on the size of the case in bandages and immersion, that is custom tailored to meet every medical condition. We use the finest and most innovative raw material, including particularly durable shock absorbers that can be transferred from shoe to shoe.

  Mark Orthopedics Ltd

Mark Orthopedics – Orthopedic

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*Service given in the following languages: Hebrew, Russian,
 Yiddish, etc. 

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